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I am a Game Engineering studend from Holland.

Check below for my previous works!



My name is Tiemen van Egmond, Online however you can find me under the name Absolly.

I am a game engineering student. My favorite topic is shader programming, so far i have experience working with Unity Engine, Unreal Engine 4 and custom OpenGL engines in c# and c++. Check out my portfolio below and let me know what you think.

I am currently in the second year of my study, this means that i will have to do an intership next school year (starting september 2017). I am looking for an internship address, if you know a place Contact Me!


Havo, Greijdanus College Zwolle 2010-2015

Game Engineering, Saxion Enschede 2015-2019

Previous experiences

ModRealms: System Administration, Team Management & Player Support.

Porting Team: Porting Windows games, User support & Bug fixing


Check out my portfolio. In there you can find the games that i have previously worked on aswell as some other programming and creative projects.

Project blog

Check out some of my previous projects.

January 2017