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Tetracer is a challenging but fun arcade racing game where you need to driver over temporary placed platforms that are being build by your buddy/ai. The challenge is to move as quickly as possible while not falling of the platforms or hitting an obstable. This game is meant to enable fun and to challenge you to beat the highscore. The trailer below should give a good image about how the game looks and plays and it will dive a bit into the world we created.
Play together!
The game does not only contain singleplayer but also a co-op modus! Ask a relative or your buddy to join you on your journey to the volcano, to get the best score you need to communicate and plan how to act. The first player has to drive towards the end but player 1 can't do that without the help of player 2 since he will be building your track. If you feel like the game is getting to easy then just try a higher difficulty and set a new highscore there.
Four our development we have used:

- Unity 5.4
- Substance Painter 2
- Substance Designer 5
- Zbrush 4R7
- Visual Studio 2016

We have used Unity 5.4 because our team feels the most trusted with this engine until this date and we are confident we can create a smooth gameplay experience as well as nice visuals with this engine.
Developed by
Coen Helthuis
Rick Rosendaal
Tiemen van Egmond
Mandy Waning
Glen Tiktak